Thursday, 24 September 2015

Happy Birthday! T&L is 4 years old.

Teaching & Learning was born four years ago on a rainy Saturday afternoon! It doesn't seem so long ago, and yet so many things have changed...
Our main targets were: giving suggestions of ELT resources and Web 2.0 tools applied to English language teaching, gathering some practical examples of students' work and discussing their relevance/success in class context, creating an interaction tool with Students/ other Teachers and, above all,  keeping close to Steve Jobs motto: “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” as we believe work can be done with pleasure and it can be much better if we don’t forget about laughing, enjoying and adding a pinch of foolishness!
Let's now hope T&L audience continues to grow every day, 
Thank you for reading Teaching & Learning, for supporting it and above all for being here!
Four years and counting… STAY HUNGRY. STAY FOOLISH. 


Let's celebrate down old sweet memory lane...

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