Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Totally plugged-in

Muse performed an outstanding concert last night at Porto as part of their 2nd Law Tour! It's totally impossible to choose just one song from the setlist: from an incredible Supremacy as intro to Supermassive Black Hole, Resistance, Knights of Cydonia, Feeling Good or Follow Me, the crowd of 45000 people simply got mad with Time Is Running Out, Undisclosed Desires and, of course, Madness... And then, the encore: Uprising and Starlight - heaven on earth for all rockers in the world!!! As I cannot show you everything, unfortunately, please do grab a bite of one of my faves, ever!... ;)


  1. Overwhelming concert! I'm still on Muse mode!!!

  2. Overwhelming, indeed!!! And you 3, guys, you're even more 'entertaining' than our Matt... ;)THANK YOU!