Thursday, 9 May 2013

Creating Video Questionnaires is a website based on the use of webcams. The site enables users to create questionnaires and then get the recipients of the questionnaire to leave video recorded answers. The site is very easy to use.
Register the go to 'My Dashboard' and click on 'Create New' to start your first questionnaire.

First you decide on the levels of privacy you want for the questionnaire and whether you want people to be able to leave anonymous answers or add comments to the answers.

Next you click on 'Start adding questions'.

You can type in your question and give more explanation below the question if you think that makes it clearer. You can add as many questions as you want. You'll also need to click on 'Edit title' so that you can give your questionnaire a name.

Once you have added all your questions you can just click on 'Share' or 'Invite' to either get a URL for your questionnaire or to email it to specific people.

Then once people receive the questionnaire they just click on the questions and record their answers using the webcam in their laptop.
To see all the videos you can just go to 'My Dashboard' and click on the 'Videos' tab.

How to use with students:
  • Create comprehension check questions to go with reading homework so that students also do some speaking for homework.
  • Create opinion polls for students to answer.
  • Make action research questionnaires
  • Play the alibi game and get students to explain where they were and what they were doing at particular points in time.
  • Ask students about childhood memories.

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