Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Make your Facebook a safebook

Poster credits: FUZION MEDIA
Whether you are new to Facebook or a long time user, you must be diligent in protecting yourself, your family, and your friends.  Let's make your Facebook time a safe experience!

1. Do not place your personal information on your Facebook profile.  Items as residential address, phone number, date of birth will all become public information instantly.

2. Be careful when placing photographs on Facebook.  Please ensure that you have all your privacy settings set to maximum. 

3. Do not think that your Facebook page is private amongst only your friends and family.  

4. Do not accept all Friend Requests. 

5. Be sure to watch what you place on your Wall. 

6. Do not leave your computer on with your Facebook account open.  Be sure to sign out.

7. Spend time checking your spelling and grammar. You can mistakenly type a word that is offensive or leads to a direct contradiction in your intended message.

8. Be careful not to provide too much information. People do like details but only in an appropriate environment.

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