Saturday, 24 September 2016

Teaching & Learning is 5 years old today!

Teaching & Learning was born five years ago on a rainy Saturday afternoon! It doesn't seem so long ago, and yet so many things have changed...
Our main targets were: giving suggestions of ELT resources and Web 2.0 tools applied to English language teaching, gathering some practical examples of students' work and discussing their relevance/success in class context, creating an interaction tool with Students/ other Teachers and, above all,  keeping close to Steve Jobs motto: “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” as we believe work can be done with pleasure and it can be much better if we don’t forget about laughing, enjoying and adding a pinch of foolishness!
More than 600 hundred posts and more than 110000 hits later, we believe those objectives are being achieved. 
Thank you for reading Teaching & Learning, for supporting it and above all for being here! T&L audience is growing every day, it comes mainly from the United States, United Kingdom and Portugal, but also from the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Hong Kong, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Thank You for reading T&L, for supporting it and above all for being here! I would also like to thank all those who spend their precious time commenting and giving important feedback!
This whole experience is a pleasure for us, so we intend to keep on going, posting more about Didactics, English, Culture, Students’ tasks and foolish things, too, of course! We hope to see you all around here a year from now… :D 
Five years and counting… STAY HUNGRY. STAY FOOLISH. 

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