Saturday, 15 March 2014

Suggestions and ELT Resources to celebrate St. Patrick's

If you want to tell everybody about this Irish ancient celebration, you can work out a couple of shamrock badges, mini-bags or bookmarks:

You can also write a limerick (a funny poem with five lines, which usually makes no sense). A limerick starts with, “There once was a …” or “There was a …”. The first two lines and the last one usually have 8 or 9 syllables. The fourth and fifth lines have 5 or 6. Here is an example:

There once was a teacher who was bad.
She made all her students very sad.
She was always mean.
She always wore green.
And she even gave tests to her dad.

You can also listen to some traditional Irish sounds:

Or get a bit more modern and listen to:

If you are a food lover, don't forget that your meal won't be complete without corned beef and cabbage. The most important is that you build a meal with a "green" theme: spinach, asparagus, any leafy greens, potatoes or rice with parsley, and a minty green dessert:

found pic @ kidactivities

To finish your day in style, don't forget the pleasure of a unique Irish Coffee...

found pic @ dinnervine

... and of course, your Saint Patrick's wishes:

found pic @ Google Images 

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