Wednesday, 9 January 2013

London Underground is 150 years old

Google Doodle for the 150th Anniversary of London Underground

Today marks 150 years since the first ever train travelled under the streets of London. The staple of city life has been chugging along longer than film, longer than the modern Olympics and it’s even older than the oldest person in the world. 
With 11 tube lines and 83 stops in zone 1 alone, the tube is one of the most convenient forms of transport in the city. Imagine if everyone chose to roam above ground during rush hour; nothing would ever get done.
The Underground was the first transport system of its kind meaning that not only is it the best, but that London is a world key innovator.
After many iterations, Harry Beck was commissioned in 1933 to design the map we all know and love today. His innovative grid system made reading the map a lot simpler for everyone, including first time tube-goers.

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